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The most sought after K-12 reading, writing and math experts in the tutoring community. 

We are famous for rapidly improving children's success in the areas and subjects that they are struggling in and for providing elite services to families without being obnoxious pushy salespeople. 

Connect the Dots Learning is all about serving your family and making sure that you are treated with respect and dignity. Our mission is to help all children nationwide reach their maximum academic potential by boosting their self-confidence and unleashing the academic power that they have within. 

Testimonials from our Clients

Connect the Dots Learning is not your typical learning center. They are like trusted friends that really care about every child. We have received tremendous support, above and beyond. In just a few weeks our grandson is showing confidence and is on his way to achieving his true potential

Tracy P. Grandparent of a 1st grader 


Mr. Morales is kind and patient and very professional. My fiance and I took his daughter and received excellent service and couldn't be happier with the results. We needed assistance with her elementary school and guidance so Mr. Morales went to the meetings with us and assisted us with school district process.

Corie L. step-parent of a 2nd grader 


I appreciate the attention, kindness, and encouragement my kids and I have received.

Maria E. parent of an 9th and 12th grader 

Testimonials from our Clients

Excellent results and great personal attention!! Noel is great working with kids.

Adriana S. parent of a 5th grader


Moms, dads touch basis with Connect the Dots.  The jump in my son is phenomenal, he is proud of himself.  He is willing to learn math again. 

Tina R. parent of an 8th grader 


We brought him to the center where he worked for two hours twice a week during the summer. Within eight weeks he was right back on track with his grade level and in some areas above. He was extremely prepared for the start of his 5th grade year.  Instead of being one of the kids at the lower end of the curve he was now one of the top students with more confidence in himself.  If you're on the fence about where to seek help, because there are many choices out there, give Connect the Dots Learning your first look.  I'm sure you will be extremely satisfied.

Steffani C. parent of a 4th grader 

Regular School Year Tutoring Services

Elementary School Subjects

  •   Kindergarten- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   First Grade- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   Second Grade- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   Third Grade- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   Fourth Grade- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   Fifth Grade- Reading, Writing, Math
  •   Homework Help
  •   One-on-one instructional services

Middle School Subjects

  •   Math Foundational Skills
  •   Pre-Algebra
  •   Algebra
  •   Reading Fundamentals
  •   English Language Arts
  •   English as a Second Language
  •   Spanish
  •   Homework Help
  •   One-on-one instructional services

High School Subjects

  •   Algebra 1 & 2
  •   Geometry
  •   U.S. History
  •   American Government
  •   Sociology
  •   Psychology
  •   Social and Cultural Anthropology
  •   Spanish 
  •   Homework Help 
  •   One-on-one instructional services

Testimonials from our Clients

I would like to share the experience that my family had with Connect the Dots Learning, LLC.  Our daughter was having some difficulties in 1st. grade and we knew we had to get her a tutor however with school cutbacks the extra programs for tutoring were no longer available. Upon meeting Noel we informed him of the areas that our daughter was having difficulties in and informed him of our expectations and after he gave us a detailed explanation of what his program can offer we agreed to have our daughter tutored by him. Noel provided both a one on one and a group session tutoring. Noel's patience with our daughter and the other students was very impressive, his way of tutoring made it fun and the kids didn't even realize they were being tutored, he made learning fun and spoke in words they could understand and his continuous positive words towards the children "never give up"  "you can do anything you set your mind to"  "never stop reading". My family has been very impressed with his techniques. Since our daughter has tutored at Connect the Dots Learning Center our daughter has had nothing but improvement at school, her reading skills, math skills, comprehension skills, have increased, increased so much she has received several awards at school and find fun in learning. Noel was able to give us the tools to use at home to continue to make learning fun for our daughter. I would highly recommend the center and if cost is an issue just remember this is your child and their future and you just can't put a price on education.

Thanks Noel for all of your hard work.

Thank you,

Omar R. parent of a 2nd grader 

My son has made fantastic progress! We've done other tutoring at other places but when we came here to Connect the Dots, the level of instruction was just superior to anything that we had done before. 

Carlos B. parent of a 3rd grader 


I am very happy with his progress thus far. I am grateful for the staff and also what this facility has to offer. I would recommend Connect the dots to any parent.

Kristine F. parent of a 1st grader


I am so glad that I found Connect the Dots. My son he loves it and I see the progress. I know for a fact that Mr. Noel is a solid Individual. He is articulate and detailed and has an immense wealth of knowledge.

Birtukan T. parent of a 5th grader 


Connect the dots is a wonderful place to get tutoring. With the Common Core change this year my son had a very hard time understanding the worksheets and homework. I even had a hard time understanding some of the worksheets. One month into school we had to get him tutoring instead of me trying to teach him.  

The first time we met as a family and we spent about 2-3 hours just talking about what we wanted and expected.  

I used to stay for the first few months to see how much Noel and his tutors were dedicated.  He had creative ways to get ideas across to the kids at their level. Once in a while Noel would join them in classroom to make it fun the for the kids to do homework or to encourage them.  More than anything my son wanted to go back to them for homework help. He keeps on saying how much fun he would have and he looks forward to getting a collection of marbles, since he would finish his homework.  When asking my son on how tutoring and homework help at connect the dots help him he would say, "they helped me a lot in summarizing for my book club"

Noel and his team are very keen into the students. They give us an update on how our child is doing at the end of the day and tells us how we can help our child at home. Noel has given us advice and sites to go to for extra help if needed to practice at home. This is free personal teachings from Noel himself that he could be charging us and I think he should!!! It might just happen in the future you never know. 

I don't know a better place to ask for tutoring for my child the people that work there are kind, they listen, they have the positive and never give up motto, they are knowledgable and they are willing to work with you.  What else can I ask for when it comes to helping my child?

Thank you Connect the dots.

Jigna P. parent of a 3rd grader


My daughter, who has ADD and mild Asperger's. Her math scores have improved since she began tutoring and she will attend the summer session to prepare for the start of the next school year. I highly recommend Noel and his teaching methods. He cares about his students' success and his positive energy makes learning a joy!

Kristin E. parent of a 4th grader


My son has been coached in reading by Noel at Connect the Dots Learning LLC for the past 4 months. He not only is reading, but he WANTS to read and does try to do this on his own. My son has ADHD and although he is very active the way the activities are given in small time blocks keeps his focus for the whole 2 hours he is learning. Most times when I pick him up he doesn't want to leave which is great. Thank you Noel for teaching and continuing to give my son the self esteem to enjoy learning ; )

Rebecca E. parent of a 3rd grader 


The office is very nice and accommodating. Noel was my tutor and he provided lots of help, breaking down my questions with his experience. With only one session I have seen an improvement with my math skills and my confidence has gone up. I would highly recommend connect the dots learning!

Joe L. Firefighter taking the Firefighters exam


I can't tell you enough how the skills here changed my daughter's opportunity to read. She was a strong reader but hated to read and was resistant at every turn. After connect the dots, it allowed her to think of reading in a new way and over time she has gone from a child who never read to a child who reads short stories and now the Percy Jackson books. I strongly recommend you give them a try. It was an amazing decision for us and our daughter!

Pamela L. parent of a 5th grader


I wanted to highly recommend this place. A couple of my younger cousins have been attending Connect the Dots during this past school year and have improved their reading, writing, and math skills tremendously. Noel is is very understanding and cares about the progress and well being of all the students that he works with. The tutors he employs are very knowledegable and more than capable. All in all, if your student wants to excel this place can help tremendously!

Kruti S. cousin of a 2nd and 4th grader


My son loves his tutor at Connect the Dots and looks forward to it every week! Highly recommend this learning center!!

Corrina R. parent of a Kindergartener


First of all, !!Thank You!! to Noel and Staff.
I was looking for a tutor for my son who is in the first grade because he was having problems with reading and spelling. I decided to take my son in for an assessment test. Great decision that was because we figured out why he was having such a hard time with reading and spelling. We tried out the homework help that they offer there which was more affordable on my part. I was afraid my son would be lost in a crowded class but to my pleasant surprise, they only take 6 students at a time. Well ... To get to the point of all this, I'm VERY HAPPY that I decided to take my son to Connect The Dots. My son was a 50% child :( in school and after CTD my son is now a 80-85% child :) in school, in only about a month and half that he's been going to CTD. I wish I could've found this place sooner. Noel and the Staff have really taken their time with my son and even without the 1on1 they really have helped him tremendously with his homework and with what we found were his "problem" areas in the assessment test. They are really dedicated to helping my son with what he needs and it's kind of like they help 1on1 from what I've seen thus far. As for how my child feels about CTD, honestly I don't think he understands just how much help he's getting (he is only 7) but he really loves that he gets marbles and stickers as rewards. ;) My son hasn't complained of going to CTD so in my book that just means that he enjoys going.
Thank you again!!!

Jennifer L. parent of a 1st grader

Noel Morales, M.Ed. CEO and Founder of Connect the Dots Learning

2012 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) in Region XVI, Resource Specialist Teacher, Secondary Program Specialist for the Division of Special Education, Teacher Quality Specialist for the Human Resources Division, serial mentor and motivator, Noel Morales, M.ED is the CEO, Chief Educatorsaurus and Founder of Connect the Dots Learning. His products and services have simplified, made life easier, and learning fun for thousands of children and their parents across the United States. 

Noel's vision and goal is to help 1,000,000 children maximize their learning potential and unleash the academic power they have within. Noel brings a wealth of experience and compassion when working with families that are at their wits end and don't know what else to do.

Noel's company, Connect the Dots Learning, has demonstrated time and time again that ALL children will learn if they are provided with the right supports, encouragement and most of all the right instruction at the right level.

Books Noel Morales, M.Ed. has Authored

Disclaimer: We see our subscribers, students, members and clients as an extension of our family, which is why we always treat them with dignity, respect and transparency. We cannot guarantee that your child will obtain the dramatic results which you may expect. We do our absolute best to help all children but there are variables that sometimes are out of control such as the child's motivation, willingness to try, their dedication, hard work etc. The above testimonials are just a sample of our satisfied clients and should not be interpreted that your children will obtain the same results. 

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